Based on a simple plan of actions, we would first seek for the chance to communicate with our future guest, carefully noting his or her special needs and demands. The following step in our plan would be to provide our guest with our own proposals so that taking advantage of our vast experience of the island, its places, its attractions and its services, we could then proceed to start creating a single travel, tour or protection plan. If you or your friends would simply want to enjoy a lavish dinner with fresh fish, served in one of the most exquisite restaurants of Santorini during sunset, we would gladly assume the task of making all necessary arrangements so that your dream could be made true. From carefully planning, we then proceed to taking the right steps so that everything can be made real, a process that might sound simple but is indeed really demanding for us. Wine tasting tours, visits in famous archeological sites, walks in some of the island’s most traditional villages, watching the sun going down and the atmosphere filling with colors on that small cafeteria on top of the hill… These are simply some of the moments our guest can enjoy with us, always taking care of his/her safety. And the list with the proposed activities can go on with visits in museums, walks in the city, moments of relaxation in a black pebble beach, fulfilling all transportation needs in a wedding and lots more.


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